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Moderator between body and spirit is the thing that most of all, it works during our conscious life.

We must keep it healthy, elastic and rested, so that it does not degenerate into alterations that in the long term then densify, compromising the body. This software, the founding pivot of Western society, is only a tool, not the cause and the solution to all the problems of life. The normal sequence would recit;

The Universe communicates information to the Spirit through the Soul

, and the Spirit through the Mind, get dialogues with the physical Body.

Those who have slowly but incessantly, moved in a little corner the Soul and therefore the Universe, didn't do it by accident.

But they did it because the Mind can be deluded adapted or reprogrammed, while the Soul not.

The problem, however, is that Soul, when ignored and repressed for long time, it becomes a time bomb.


; The vehicle with which we move through time and space. Obviously it must be trained and cleaned periodically. The many, who live only 50% of their lives, do not understand the huge difference that exists between knowingly doing it and "doing as we have always seen it done".

In fact, there is that one-in-a-thousand person who builds everything in life with conscience and passion, and I get prestige and harmony in return. And who instead lies, and hiding inside the flock speaks of genetic inheritance big bones and, seen that by now the air and water are polluted, in any case we will make a bad end everybody, therefore, get meals at fast food, using drugs, or having a sedentary life, doesn't make so much difference compared to those who instead, living healthily, they looks at least fifteen or twenty years younger.


; Our real eternal and unique personal essence belonging to the whole. Dress each phase of our experiences in various dimensions and manifestations. The fool cares badly about her maintenance, depriving in the time, and with the excuses of a better adaptation to an ever less natural life, the enrichments that Soul, in every crucial moment of existence would give him directly from the Cosmos. And stupidly, caring only for the physical body and the rational side of things, he limits increasingly, Anima's interference in his life, especially from childhood onwards.

We are all spirits who temporarily wear bodies, without the intermediaries of Soul and Mind we would be fragmented, and it would not make sense, as indeed make no sense for many human, beings to be here and now, to benefit from the experience of life on earth.

Daily reality

A hologram in constant metamorphosis. While admitting that we cannot conceive, we are using it to give it connotations of some kind that casually it works, because we are god within our existential sphere. Everything we focus on grows over time depending on the intensity and size of the idealized thing. We lost familiarity with this power in childhood. Now adults, disconnected from the cosmos without equilibrium and full of programs not installed in our minds, we create 90% monstrosities with the most high-sounding names, pressed by a world that has nothing more than balanced, leaving only 10% to the small things that we keep alive.

It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare to do them,

it is because we dare not do them that they become difficult.

How to retake control of our lives... ?

By combating carelessness distractions, fears, and reclaiming one's time.

There is not only a 'living space' as an essential component to living comfortably;

But also a 'living time'. We should not run constantly, even if they make us do it from kindergarten onwards, because otherwise we will end up building over the years, our real lives / foundations, on a hysterical system of superficial and hasty knowledge, which will expose us every time, to be manipulated and distracted by those who make the biggest voice.

This lacking time, in-depth and / or direct knowledge, and understanding of what we are really doing every day and why, we live in the most vile ignorance, against which not even culture can do anything; Rather! Without having first developed the right connections that allow us to follow the thread that links everything, studying becomes meaningless and harmful, for ourselves and for the world we have around us.

Try to imagine a world where teachers and teachers are not inspired by real knowledge

.. learning would be boring, without love, and would not bear fruit.

Not knowing the real nature of things does not solve problems but magnifies them. Ignorance causes fatigue, and fatigue leads to suffering, when we living too much time in suffering, 'Here we go'! Evil is generated by us in its many forms.

A suffering mind involves the body, and when this is compromised, it legitimizes us in everything in the name of some relief. And it's the beginning of the end. Over time we will no longer remember what beauty and happiness are, we will begin to find excuses and be content with very little, we will work more to hurt others than the good to ourselves.

But evil, profused and fed by all those who suffer without reason, contrary to those who exalt it for profit (the various cults), is however manifest and therefore identifiable by those who have eyes to see.

It, like a tree that falls, makes more noise than a growing forest, but good healing and life are within everyone's reach, you just need to want it to the point of sacrificing yourself to recover the distance spent in drifting from the right path, the via the Uni-verse, which harmonizes every being with creation and with the infinite cosmos, which is therefore much larger than the current human world in which instead, harmony does not exist, and the semblance of order derives only from constant threat of consequences and perpetual vigilance.

Then "knock and it will be opened to you", to no one is denied the possibility of freeing yourself from the prevailing nonsense. But despite the remedies for these alterations of the existential state are at low costs because, obtained only with the wise use of time, natural systems such as fasting and silence, and learning of information finally true; 'In addition to the detachment from the old and unhealthy life obviously', only the few will always be those who will admit their incompleteness, and will listen to those who know more than them.

For certain situations, mainly where I cannot be present in real time, I can make serums to drink and special artifacts (smoke for places), that I can ship anywhere.

I repeat however, that these principals assist the healing of ills, implement it, but don't do everything alone.

The concept of performing actions without the body, mind, and spirit being all three, aware at the same time of what is going on is an explicitly wrong thought.
It's what we have been taught to do, from all the bad examples we find around us as we grow, in fact we have become 'consumers', that is, individuals who perform passive actions while, despite everything going on fire, they have the attention turned to something else. But I don't help consumers, let alone passive, for them there are pharmacies and the so-called 'normal' life, where suffering as ignorance of living, are concepts accepted by tacit consent generation after generation. Instead, I carefully choose who to indicate the direction to return to being alive, so always remember with which side of yourself you present yourself, when you seek me to resolve the damage that others have caused on you.

I say this because I am tired of badly treating people who, for years, have listened to ignorant and hypocritical people spending rivers of money, to then see their problems multiplied, and then when they are without energy and alternatives, then they come to me to crying.
The solutions for all damnations exist, but you need to know how to look for them, and above all, it takes vital energy to rebalance situations.

One never heals with the same way of reasoning with which one is damaged. And it's very difficult to change the way we are, remaining in the places where all the evil had rised.

I can act remotely, of course, and I use alchemical principles to achieve the maximum goal, but I need that, the person concerned help me to help him.

All forms of life can suffer for three types of reason, because they don't know things, because they are distracted by the true values ​​of things, for karmic reasons. In the first two cases the solution is feasible, as long as you unlock yourself, and you learn the necessary things, in the third case, well .. if karma brings that type of impediment, it is because too much has been done, or too little elsewhere, so here , not much can be done now, but something where there is goodwill, can be done anyway!

There is always an alternative Always .

 Crumbs from the world

As it is true that there are many different types of different animals, and each with certain psychophysical qualities and predispositions, it is also true that there are a huge vastness of different types of human beings, each with specific characteristics suitable for fulfilling its personal purpose in this earthly permanence.

So not everyone, here and now, is interested in the deepening of spirituality and metaphysical knowledge, simply certain existences, I am here to experience other versions of reality.

In fact, as on a train you can meet guys from; middle schools, high schools, universities, and maybe even elementary schools, and all of them, although they benefit from the same place and the same oxygen, however they have different growth paths.

There is not 'only one' of them, who, being a member of a certain group, turns out to be more or less than another, they are all important in the same way, but with peculiarities expressed in different ways.

And in life the same, we meet most of the time people very different from us. They are there to act as a benchmark, and lead us to get as broad an understanding as possible of us, so that then, knowing who we are and with what purpose, we then go in search of our fellow men.

This my organization, the My Spirit Can, is about this.

It is a call, for that small portion of humanity that seeks what the many do not see or need, but which instead is vital for us.

I want to say a few words about dualism, which like everything in our times, tends to divide, and therefore to interrupt the understanding of the overall vision.

1 ': Therefore; There are no villains and enemies outside of us, but only a level of energy and health strength, which relegates us below the influence of that particular character or circumstance. If we cease to be weak victims, and we begin to work on the reasons that make this situation so debilitating for us, over time it is guaranteed that things will change in our favor, even if we become so aware that we can be so immolated by ourselves in the name of our cause. It would be a great advancement in any case, because there is nothing nobler than to risk one's life

, for a just purpose.

The villains of every time and place have never been such because one morning when they woke up they decided to operate the absolute evil, which by the way does not exist, because everything is functional to the general entropy.

They are only strong individuals, since they succeeded in imposing themselves over many, and they did it because, they have an idea of ​​beauty that foresees that kind of path to be realized. The concept of beauty is that which moves our every action, we all tend to our ideal of beauty and, kindly or not, consciously or not, we will address every nosta resource according to that end.

Because the human being is selfish from this point of view, but it is a healthy egoism, which stimulates the desire to grow, and it would do it more widely if, there were not millions of weak and poor of ideas that, pointing the bad of the moment , they raise it to the reason of their constant failure.

2 ': I also remember that unnecessary dispersion does not exist in nature, the gazelle does not spend energy every day to hate the lion because it kills members of its race, but uses those energies to do its best and never be in a position to be by he predated.

The lion, for its part, works like a lion, and puts its safety at stake every time it is confronted with hunting. And he does not always win, sometimes he is left without food because the gazelles have been ... "More" than him, but not for this reason he insult them. For this reason, you must never adhere (with your vital energy) to movements that instigate confrontation and aggression towards some enemy outside you, and above all they will aggregate you in the name of an evil to be fought that, casually, where possible, it will needs years of hard work and sacrifices to win it.

It corresponds to the truth that there are incredibly negative humans, evil aliens, and even malignant energy forms but .. if you are strong nothing will ever be a threat to you, because they, just like the lion, will always feast on the weakest and most disastrous, because more easy to be catched, and because this is their nature.

So let us never dwell on the external aspect of things, and do not fall into the relativism of dualism, it is only a wasting of time and energy, which we could instead use to be constructive and therefore fulfilled.

Aware therefore that only 20% of the world population over twenty years of age is able to understand what I mean, my information is designed to relieve Anima Body Mind and Spirit.

These things could be superfluous or complicated if filtered just by the physical senses.

But we are composed of as many as six subtle bodies in addition to the physical one,

and each of those six bodies has its own senses, for a total of twenty-five if added to the five physicists. It goes without saying that whether we are aware or not, we feel and see much much more than we believe rationally.

All this must therefore be taken into consideration if we want to achieve balance and success in life ... in existence.

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Stay away from the things / people / situations that make you covertly or overtly negative.

Repair as much as possible the damage done over the years,

and whilst you are still relatively healthy;

Reinforce yourself!

Afterwards, practise sports. To then find yourself beautiful, to radiate energy and have success in relationships, will be the logical and natural consequence

...there is no other way

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