Philosophical School 'The light of silence'

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Philosophical School 'The Light of Silence'

(The Tigers's Creed)

Termination of abominations, initiations of harmonizing practices

Elimination of socio-material conflicts, realignment with the real nature of the Universe

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Andrew Cristiano Rose

the peacemaker

Born as a mystical thinker and gentle walker between the worlds, after a pleasant childhood I received enlightenment at the age of ten.

From that moment and in service of that, I devoted myself for twenty years to a very rigid growth that led me, through this vision and my personal experience of suffering, in different locations and human situations, experiencing both the very best and the worst of existence .

I refined my diplomacy in the art of war, which is useful in conflicts against low entities and magical currents not ours.

In past decades in the company of ancient texts, and through periods spent in places of initiation such as remote monasteries and indigenous tribes, I came to decipher the sacred and never mentioned aloud; Argument of Silence.

I am currently one of the last experts in dark evils present in the western world.

In my thirty-year profession of holistic cosmic disciplines, I created on December 25/2014 the organization My Spirit Can, an instrument with which I demonstrate the benefits of life starting with the inner balance.

I am also an extreme sportsman, a philosopher and a firm supporter of the superiority of the ancestral feminine.

I have collaborators spread all over the world, excellent in their specialities, and am a promoter of socio-sporting-cultural activities that aim to dismantle the illusory necessity that we have towards the superfluous influences that invade our lives.

The toward of the creed

The secret is to avoid the esternal interferences

Having ascertained that we are in this land with the task of living and to enjoy the experiences deriving from love, love being the fuel that allows us to evolve in growth leading to completeness, we can't help but travel clean.

To travel not metaphorically, but through the world physically...

...there isn't another way to render elastic the mind, thus training the body and expanding the spirit.

Those who are closed to this reality become fearful, obtuse and dangerous inasmuch as human nature fears what he does not know and kills what it fears.

It is therefore not possible to be happy and fulfilled in life if you accept to live with the indoctrination resulting from the experience of those around us, we can be seen to become poorly, dissatisfied, incomplete and sick.

It's fallacious to think as the new-age current or psychoanalysis does, to try to calm the mind, as it's impossible, by its nature the mind is a constant search for stimuli and comparisons. The secret therefore, according to how the naturalness of creation works, which always and then always uses the systems of least effort in everything to function, is to seek an order Not In, Not To, but From the Mind.

Our release from what curtails us, can't begin if not rooted in our psyche finally lightened; then the body will follow, and arrive to make the environment around us adequate to both stimulus and rest; only the time available will be the limit to the wonders of which we'll participate til the day, when full of life, we'll meet sister death.

our motto

Summing up

The reason for my apparently selective, but natural holistic approach to life that, like Cristiano Rose I promote through the My Spirit Can, and the wonderful colleagues that compose it, doesn't tend to discredit other forms of initiative.

Who wants to self-destruct because he feels he must atone something, and therefore he wants to experience the pain and the distance from the truth, let's make his path, because I can assure you, this too is not lost time.

Those who are happy, let's continues on that path, because being happy is a symptom of right direction.

In fact, when I leave my house, from my little unlimited world, and meet people who live their lives, I am not interested in what they are, I am interested in what they do, if the train driver says he is happy even though mind, but he does his job well, I don't care about it, it's different if he thinks he's happy, but he makes me have a train accident because he's incompetent.

Instead, with regard to the people who are part of my personal life, the discourse is the opposite
, I don't care too much about what they do, but about what they are.

The enlightened person accepts everyone, does not hate anyone and carefully chooses who to love, that's all.

To be truly happy, therefore not lying to yourself
, and wanting to implement that happiness with ever wider knowledge is a very logical and natural thing.

Most people who are looking for me, have already a spiritual direction, or at least a satisfying way of life
, and they only want to give order and more meaning to what they already have. Others, on the other hand, I would say 30%, as damaged or unhappy, they need instead attentions aimed at solving their problems before of all.

I come from very far away, and I am just passing through the places that, you can see me living in when I meet you. What I've received free through grace and experience, for free I'm gonna to give to the interested, I don't do it for have money in back, and I don't make weigh it, my slogan is; "Those who don't live to serve don't need to live".
And I don't mean serve as 'working', but to be useful above all for themself, and enjoy the many opportunities  that life, when we are really living, get us  .. because never forget, 'hell is repetition'.

I'm here to serve the light, the life, and God
, that I recognize in myself, as son of mother Earth and father Universe.

Every form of worship of the clelest beings, and the subtle creatures intermediate between our earthly plan and the higher dimensions, are only distraction if our role in our life is not clear.

Remember that there is no awareness without a healthy suffering, people reach the limits of the absurd to avoid confronting their own inner life.

Joy is not reached in life by worshiping angels and madonnas, but by bringing our darkness to consciousness, making it, a measurted part of us.
Those who look only outside themselves dream regrets and hope, those who look inside Will wake up!

For the services :
Meditation sessions - Hypnosis - Tai chi - Martial arts workouts - Private dialogues - Requests for assistance - Conferences on topics on request - Instructions on healthy cooking - miscellaneous.


  • some things can be done by internet, others cannot
  • there are no prices or fares, only donations from heart are required
  • but to meet the requests of many people, those who use the weekly remote assistance service for 'tutoring mentoring and coaching', can, in alternatively to the sending parcels of things from all parts of the world, can donate £ 20 a month

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Cristiano Andrew Rose

Gonna build the Ashram of Silence

I'm not coming to teach them as a persons

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, the Silence

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