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;A hologram in constant metamorphosis. While admitting that we can't conceive we  adopt connotations of some kind, who eventually it works, because we are god within our sphere of existence, whatever we focus on it grows in the time, depending by the intensity and size of the thing idealized. We lost in childhood the familiarity with this power.; Now adults, disconnected from the cosmos unbalanced and full of programs not ours installed in our mind, we create for the 90% monstrosities with the most high-sounding names, spurred by a world that stealing our time, leaving the only 10% for small beautyful things that keep us still alive.It's not because things are difficult that we not dare to make them, it's because we don't dare to do that they become difficult .


;Moderator between body and spirit is the thing that most of all works during our conscious life.

We have to keep it healthy elastic and rested, so that does not degenerate into disturbances that in the long period get densify and compromising the body .

Veni Vidi Vici


;The vehicle with which we move through time and space. Obviously it need to be trained and cleaned periodically. The many, who live only 50% of their life, don't understand the huge difference that exist among to, doing it consciously, and 'do as I have always seen it done '.

One idea could be made if we look to a child raised in a Shaolin monastery, and one, result of well-off western society .


;Our real eternal essence and membership to the all, he get dress each stage of our experiences in the various dimensions and manifestations. The fool ignores this side of himself, and keep care only physical body and rationality, get limiting the interference from childhood in then. He denies the needs of the spirit so can better moving in this persuasive reality that nothing else should instead to pursue if not the balance of our being.

It must be put in a condition of being our best ally, and not a time bomb .

How to retake our lives .. ?

Fighting the negligence and regaining possession of  'their time'.

There is not just a 'living space' as an essential component to live comfortably;

But also a 'vitally time', we should not run continuously, even if we do from kindergarten on, because otherwise we will build our lives / real validity on a superficial knowledge system and hasty, which will expose us always to be manipulated and distracted by those who will make the big voice.

So devoid of time, the depth and / or direct knowledge, and understanding of what really every day we doing and why, we live in the worst ignorance; Against the which even the culture can anything; Rather!

Ignorance causes fatigue and fatigue leads to suffering, when it remains too long in suffering here is generated by us evil in its many forms.

A suffering mind involves the body and when this is compromised legitimate us to everything in the name of a bit of relief. Is the beginning of the end, with time we don't longer remember what are the good and happiness, we will start to find excuses, we will be satisfied with very little, we'll work harder for do harm to others instead the good to ourselves.

But evil, profuse and fed by all those who are suffering uselessly, contrary to those that get praise it for profit is evident and not very smart, because like a tree that falls makes more noise of a growing forest, the good healing and life are available to everyone  ..enough that we want it til the point of get sacrifice to recover the distance spended when we gone away from the right path, the path of re-appropriation of himself .

Knock, and it shall be opened, to no one is denied the opportunity to change, but despite treatment for these alterations of state of existence are at low cost because obtained only with natural systems, with fasting, and detachment from the old unhealthy life, only few people will admit own incompleteness, and will get listen to those who know more of them .

 Crumbs from the world

Aware that only 20% of the world population with over twenty years age is able to understand what I mean, my information are designed to give relief to the body mind and spirit.

These things may be superfluous or complicated if filtered just by the physical senses.

But we are composed by six subtle bodies in addition the physical,

and each of those six bodies possesses in turn of the senses for a total of twentyfive if added to the five physical. It goes without saying that we hear and see very much much more than we think rationally.

Everything must therefore be taken into account and health to get the balance and thus the successes in life .

sleep and awakening


the purification periods

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to eat and not


tools for speeding up procedures


This site is not about medicine, and not by medical advice. Not suggest the use of techniques as a form of treatment for traumatic physical problems for which it is however necessary surgical science and the advice of a doctor. If you decide to apply the information on this web site in an uncontrolled way, the same can accept no responsibility.


Stay away from the things / people / situations that make you covertly or overtly evil.

Heal the damage done over the years and when you are healthy; Reinforce yourself! after it, get sports, find yourself beautiful, shootout energy and success in relationships, will be a logical and natural consequence

. .there is no other way, everything else is marketing .   .