Who we are

Psycheanalysis and paranormal investigations

for defending themselves   ..and not only

removal away from the destructive sources, restoration of emotional wounds and not, energy invigoration through self-esteem, return to wellbeing, life

edifying concepts, motivations, material and metaphysical goals, success, prosperity

Andrew Cristiano Rose

Independent explorer of the border sciences and paranormal investigator with twenty years experience in the natural holistic disciplines, creates from 25 december 2014 the organization My Spirit can, variant with which demonstrates the inner order benefits through physical and mental activity with nutrition as a starting point.

He has scattered around the world many collaborators excellent in their peculiarities, and is a promoter of social - sporting - cultural activities that aim to dismantle those illusory necessity that we have about the superfluous who invades our lives.

(healing - return to life - extraterrestrial entities - extradimensional entities - parallel universes - life pre death - life after death - subtle realms - metahistory - demonology - angelology - hypnosis - channeling - practices of liberation / cleansing / exorcism - karma - cosmic balance - astral guides - subtle bodies - emptiness - awareness - lighting - knowledge)


Ascertained that we are in this land with the task of living, and get enjoy the experience deriving from love is the fuel that allows us to evolve in the growth that leads to completeness, we can't help but to travel clean.

To travel not metaphorically, but through the world

. .there isn't other way to render elastic the mind training the body and expand spirit.

The closed people become fearful obtuse and dangerous inasmuch as the purely human nature fears what he does not know and kills what it fears.

it is therefore not possible to be happy and fulfilled in life if you accept to live with a indoctrination result of experience of those around us we can see be poorly satisfied incomplete and sick.

Our release from what curtails us, can't so get start if from our psyche, then the body will follow, and get arrived to make the environment around us adequate to the stimulus and rest; only the time available will be the limit to the wonders of which we'll participate til the day when full of life, we'll meet sister death .


Any acceptance of the requests come through the evaluation of the head of the organization Mr. Cristiano Rose .

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Manchester (UK)

Santa Cristina - Garbagna (Al) Italia




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Cristiano Andrew Rose

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